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Lynx Restoration

The cement Lynx which graced the U-School entry still exists after having been rescued by an alumni from the garbage when SIU cleared out Pulliam Hall in 1968.
See the U-School website (www.uschool-alumni.org), "History", "The Lynx" for more information on the history of the Lynx.

The current caretaker of the Lynx has made arrangements to donate the Lynx to the SIU Museum.
The museum is interested in restoring the Lynx to preserve it as part of SIU history.

Lost Alums

If you are a 'lost' classmate, please contact us to be added to our records.
If you know the whereabouts of any of our 'lost' classmates, please let us know.
To update roster information for yourself or others go to Information Update in the links above.